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My goal is to increase the global standard of racing skills. Proper training can make you more competitive than you dare to imagine. Sim Racing is now a crucial tool for racers to develop their real-world driving technique.

The Founder

Suellio Almeida went from a humble sim racing setup with an office chair to building a successful real life racing career. Now, he's the championship leader at the Radical North America Cup in real life, having beaten Le Mans 24h Winners.

Suellio has turned his passion into a career, coaching sim racers and now real life racing drivers to the highest levels. He has done over 2500 hours of coaching sessions, welcomed 5000+ members to his online courses and continues to develop his methods and concepts he has created.

‚ÄúThere's no point in driving if you don't know what you are practicing, and if you insist in doing so, you can create many bad habits and hurt your driving skills. My mission is to help guide drivers from all levels and help them understand at what stage in their technique they are, and what's the next step.‚ÄĚ - Suellio Almeida

The Suellio Method was created to guide you in your technique development in the most effective way possible, presenting new concepts and methods not found anywhere else.

This is why we have a money back guarantee in our courses and coaching will help you achieve your racing dreams.

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Course 1

The Motor Racing Checklist

Complete Car Handling Dynamics


Learn techniques used by top-tier racers and improve your lap times dramatically. This flagship course is a step-by-step guide to mastering the subtleties of car control in increasing complexity, making you faster and more consistent on the track. Complete Online Course with 50 Video Lessons. If you don't improve, you get your money back, no questions asked.

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Course 2

The Racecraft Checklist

Advanced Battle Dynamics


Elevate your wheel-to-wheel racing intelligence with in-depth techniques for attacking, defending, and mastering racing psychology. This course is the next step after taking The Motor Racing Checklist and will make you maximize your advantages on track by learning how to position your car amidst the chaos of race starts and battles for position.

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The Courses Package

The Complete Training for Racers & Sim-Racers


Includes both The Motor Racing Checklist and The Racecraft Checklist, providing you with in-depth training on car handling dynamics and racecraft strategies. Over 80 lessons combined. This package offers unmatched value and is essential for any serious racer looking to make significant progress. Real life drivers that have taken the two courses have reported they have learned and improve more with them compared to $10.000+ dollars invested with real life coaching.

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