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Enhance your racing skills with personalized coaching. We will analyze and refine your habits by focusing on your hot-lapping technique, racecraft and mental strength to improve your fundamentals.

Suellio Almeida

GT, Formula, Prototype, Road Racing

With over 2,000 hours of coaching experience and author of "The Motor Racing Checklist" and "The Motor Racing Book," excels in rapidly assessing your driving technique stage. Within just a few laps, he can pinpoint your next steps and outline a tailored guide filled with specific exercises and concepts for development.

Kane Halliburton

GT, Road, Open Wheeler Prototype

2023 Racing Prodigy Pass Winner, Multi-time overall champion in multiple official iRacing series with over 500 hours of coaching experience. Kane delivers efficient, focused training to elevate your driving skills. Endorsed by top-level drivers, Kane is here for serious racers committed to improvement.

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Everything you need to know about my online course
How long are the sessions?
The sessions are 50-minute long.
In what simulators can we do the sessions?
Currently, Suellio and Kane are working in iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, RENNSPORT, Automobilista, and also analysis of real life onboards.
What do I need before the sessions?
It is required to finish The Motor Racing Checklist to schedule a session with one of our coaches. You also need Discord Application (not the browser version) installed in your simulator for screen sharing features. You need a microphone and a headset. A webcam is not necessary.
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