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The Core Technique Bundle is the ultimate package to mastering racing techniqueGet access to ALL online courses (The Motor Racing Checklist & The Racecraft Checklist), The Motor Racing Book, 2x Private Mentorship Calls with Suellio Almeida, a personalized technique development plan tailored specifically for you and chat directly with me privately whenever you want.

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The Motor Racing Checklist

Learn why pros are seconds faster than you. Cut your lap-time deficit by half in 28 days.
50 Video Lessons and Quizzes
Subtitles in 5 languages
Access to Discord Community
4000+ Users Registered
Required before 1-1 Coaching

the racecraft checklist

Learn to attack and defend to the highest level. Become a feared racer on the track.
New lessons each week
Concepts and Tons of Examples
Access to Discord Community
2000+ Users Registered
Subtitles in 5 languages
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Ideal for small teams and startups.
Access to all basic features
Basic reporting and analytics
Up to 10 individual users
20GB individual data each user
Basic chat and email support
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Large teams with unlimited users.
Advanced custom fields
Audit log and data history
Unlimited individual users
Unlimited individual data
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Everything you need to know about my online course
Who is this VIP bundle for?
This bundle is tailored for real life drivers or sim racers who plan to move on to real life racing. The cost of racing in real life is very high, and knowing how to extract the maximum possible from each minute on track is important. Doing laps without a proper plan in real life might be costing you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. So in the Core Technique Bundle, I will guide you based on my real life experience so that you can have a proper plan to nail your real life competitions.
How are you going to create my technique development plan?
After an onboarding call, I will create a detailed assessment of your technique stage and your goals. From there, we will discuss short, medium and long-term goals in your racing career, discussing every step in detail to help you achieve them in the most efficient way possible. The material from the courses and the 1-1 mentorship calls in conjunction work perfectly. You get an idea of what is out there in terms of theory and advanced concepts, and then I help you pinpoint which of these concepts are most important for you at your current stage.
How much time do I need to satisfy the objectives of this bundle?
The courses’ content is extremely well-edited for efficiency of your time. I wrote every word of the script and edited the videos so that the lessons are short but condensed. The courses have less than 10 hours in total, but it will take weeks for you to be able to digest everything, and months for you to create a perfect muscle memory with all concepts discussed. You have life-time access to the courses and you can always chat directly with me to tune back to the plan and know what is the immediate next step for you. Racing drivers generally take many years to become competitive, but with this bundle I can confidently say you can absolutely transform your skills in a third of the time it would take without it, as well as preventing plateaus (getting stuck in your skillset) and preventing bad habits development.
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Get the ultimate package for racers and sim-racers.

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