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Everything you need to know about my online course
Who is this book for?
Racing drivers, both in real life and in the simulator, who want to understand more deeply the logical side of driving inputs and how they affect the balance of the car and how you can maximize the grip of the tires to find better laptimes.
What’s included in the book?
Concepts and techniques that I learned over many years of sim racing and racing in real life, as well as coaching 2500 drivers in the most varied levels. This book is focused on car handling techniques so you can drive faster. I do not mention racing situations like side-by-side racing, for example.
Is it good for beginners or is it too advanced?
Yes! I wrote this book with the obsession of making every word understandable for all levels, even though it touches more complex and subtle situations. The wording and explanations were reviewed by students of all levels and professional editors. The concepts are explained in a way that progressively gets more advanced, and you will definitely find yourself at the limit of your knowledge and push forwards from there.
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