The Motor Racing Checklist Is An In-depth Racing Course for Intermediate and Advanced Racers

what you'll find throughout this online course

50 Video lessons

Months on work writing, recording and editing. This course is equivalent to $1,000 in 1-On-1 Coaching sessions with professionals. 6 subtitles:

5,000+ Racers enrolled

Thousands of racers report having improved drastically over the length of the online course. Hundreds of reviews are available on our Discord Community server.

Discover The Suellio Method

New method that was created after more than 2,000 hours of coaching sessions with top-tier racers around the world.

Foundation of technique

Increase in difficulty as you progress through the online course chapter by chapter.

2,000 hours synthesised

Over two thousand hours of coaching with professionals synthesised into one course.

learn New concepts

Multiple new concepts developed by top-tier racers explained with The Suellio Method.

muscle memory training

Training for development of muscular memory and tips to find the lowest hanging fruit.

50 video lessons, 5 chapters, an overall 4.9 stars review online

Chapter 01 - Introduction & General Guideline

The introduction consists of general guidelines that will help you organize the way you take the course for best results.

Chapter 02 - Braking

This module will involve all skills necessary to give your technique the best foundation to prepare the car for a perfect corner approach, as well as how to identify grip availability for optimal braking performance.

Chapter 03 - Cornering

Here, we'll discuss key concepts that will simplify the understanding of corners in motorsport. Efficiency is key to find the limit, and here we'll dissect the corner into the most understandable chunks possible.

Chapter 04 - Balance

Here you'll learn how to optimize tire usage during the entire corner, and learn incredibly important skills like Inducing Understeer, Inducing Oversteer, high-level developments of the string theory, and car corrections.

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Learn to attack and defend to the highest level. Become a feared racer on the track.
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Everything you need to know about my online course
Who is this course for?
This course was targeted initially for competitive sim racers, but ended up being extremely useful for real life racing drivers and even beginners, as I was improving its structure to become holistic and accessible to different domains. You can be a gamer on a playstation or xbox console playing gran turismo or assetto corsa, and you will benefit from it. You can be a more serious competitive sim racer playing iRacing, rFactor or ACC, and you will improve. You can also be a real life racing driver preparing for grass-roots series, open-wheel, prototype, porsche cup series, and you will most definitely find incredibly valuable techniques that will allow you to benefit the most from the limited real life track time.
What's the difficulty of this course?
This course is suited for all levels, due to its progressing structure. It starts with the foundations of the Core Technique, and advances very quickly into techniques that matter mostly to top 1% drivers. Regardless of your level, you will find, at some point, a lesson that will match your technique stage, and will get you out of your comfort zone so you break your own plateau and continue improving.
How long is this course?
The course is made of 4 sections and 50 videos. The videos can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, but it will take longer for you to actually apply the techniques on track. The general rule is that you benefit very well from the course in around one month, and most students cut their laptime deficit by 50% by then. That means if you are 5 seconds slower per lap, you will be at least 2.5s faster in one month, and if you are already competitive and only 1 second slower than the top times, you will most likely find at least half a second per lap in one month. Some drivers already went from 2.7k iRating in iRacing (top 15%) to 7000+ iRating (top 1%), and more and more drivers are improving very quickly.
Why did you create this course?
The main reason is proper structure. Around 80% of the information you will find here is available somewhere on the internet, but what I created was a way to organize the information so that you get it in the most effective and efficient way possible. If you follow each lesson sequentially and apply the layered techniques, your improvement will be more rapid and profound compared to less efficient methods or courses. This is guaranteed. I'm very proud of my work with over 2500 coaching sessions done and over 5000 students registered, and the reviews prove that my mission is accomplished through the lessons of my online courses. This is my life's purpose!
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