The Bible of Battle for Positions and racecraft skills. Learn advanced tactics for attacking and defending. This course is designed to enhance your intelligence on the track, and give you the edge to consistently outperform your rivals. Lead the pack and become a feared competitor!

30 Lessons, and new lessons each week - early access for racers

Chapter 01 - Racecraft Foundations

The most important skills and traits to develop that will already produce a noticeable result in your racing performance.

Chapter 02 - The Technical Side of Racecraft

Rules, Types of Battles, Techniques on how to take advantage of various situations in racing.

Chapter 03 - The Mental Side of Racecraft

How to master your emotions and focus during stressful important races, and how to be mentally sharp on track to be able to disrupt your opponent's focus and make them make mistakes.

Chapter 04 - Video Analysis

Extensive video reviews from students, coaches, and from my real life races, focusing on mistakes and also good moves to be used as examples.

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the racecraft checklist

Learn to attack and defend to the highest level. Become a feared racer on the track.
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Everything you need to know about my online course
Who is this course for?
The Racecraft Checklist is only about racing dynamics. It does not teach you how to drive fast alone. It will teach you how to position yourself during fights for position, race starts, and how to have the right mindset to deal with adrenaline, racing anxiety and stress, so that you can operate like a professional racing driver in the most stressful moments. In this course I also teach you how to psychologically affect your opponents so that you can force them to make mistakes, as well as prevent yourself from having them affect your mental focus.
When should I get this course?
This is my second online course, and there is a reason for it. There is no point in trying to improve your battle dynamics if you can’t drive fast and consistently alone first. This is why I strongly recommend completing The Motor Racing Checklist before starting this course. This course is accessible for all levels and some techniques in these lessons are only properly done by high-level drivers. This means you can quickly out-perform your intermediate rivals and leave them shocked with your racecraft. All you need to do is apply these techniques properly. Most of them are not discussed in detail anywhere else on the internet.
Can I apply these techniques anywhere?
Yes. All lessons are built according to rulebooks of real life series, so you can apply these racecraft skills both in real life and in simulator events. Most of these techniques will actually make you a much safer driver and decrease your rate of incidents drastically. You will learn how to predict and prevent aggressive moves that could ruin your race, and position yourself always for your best advantage in every situation possible.
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Become a feared racer on the track.

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